A Pretty Good Website was built by Bruce & Eddy

Bruce & Eddy’s philosophy is simple: start small and let the website grow with the business. The focus is on making things logical and easy to navigate from page-to-page with mobile devices and search engines in mind. 

Web services that are easy and effective

We’re humans that use technology to help real people grow their businesses. How? Well, there are a lot of ways we can get your website performing better using our creative minds! It all depends on what you need, because we aren’t a bare minimum, standard procedures kind of web company. 

  • Design & Development
  • SEO
  • Support
  • Social
It's pretty good.
It’s pretty good.

What is it all about

Bruce & Eddy is freakishly obsessed with helping businesses grow through technology. As in, we-won’t-stop-until-certain-metrics-are-hit, kind of obsessed. 

Since 2004, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses, churches and nonprofits all across the U.S. figure out how to get seen online by their target audience. A lot has changed in the internet landscape over the last 20 years. Bruce & Eddy has been through it all, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Why Bruce & Eddy really is different 

True to being trusted advisors for all things internet-related, Bruce & Eddy doesn’t just build your website and wave goodbye. B&E can manage web hosting, domain registration, DNS, website encryption, security, email – basically anything connected to keeping your website up and running securely.

Plus, we really care. Like deep down, we really care about growing your business. 

It’s pretty good.

Meet the team

Butch is the backbone of Bruce & Eddy, but it takes a little bit more peoplepower to get everything done. Today, building, managing and growing client websites keeps Butch busy so he’s brought on some in-house team members to lighten the load.

Butch Ewing - Senior Web Consultant
Butch Ewing – Senior Web Consultant

This is Butch—he’s more than just a pretty face talented web developer.

Butch Ewing brings over two decades of expertise in technology and web development, specializing in the innovative Deathcare industry. As the founder of five thriving enterprises, including Bruce & Eddy LLC, Butch now serves as the Senior Web Consultant, spearheading groundbreaking initiatives in the field.

Amy Ewing

As an Owner of B&E and the Customer Happiness Specialist, Amy is dedicated to ensuring every customer has a positive experience with the company. Her commitment to customer satisfaction is a driving force behind B&E’s success.

Cody Ewing

Cody, the son of Butch and Amy, joined the B&E team in January 2023. With a Bachelor of Business from Texas A&M, he serves as the Business Development Manager. Cody’s fresh perspective and business acumen have been invaluable to the company’s growth.

Anjo Barros

Anjo, a skilled developer based in the Philippines, has been a critical part of the B&E team for three years. His expertise in website development and commitment to delivering high-quality work have made him an essential team member.

Ace Elliott

With over 15 years of experience in helping websites get found through high-quality content, Ace is a master of her craft. Despite her extensive online presence, she maintains a low personal profile, showcasing her ability to create engaging content while preserving her privacy.

The Bruce & Eddy Professional Network

Within our dynamic web agency, where we’ve assembled a dream team of in-house staff and a vast network of highly skilled contractors, affectionately known as the ‘Bruce & Eddy Professional Network.’

With our extensive bench of talented players ready to be called into the game at a moment’s notice, we’re always prepared to tackle your web development and design challenges with creativity and precision. So, whether you’re looking for a full-time starting lineup or just need a pinch hitter for a specific project, we’ve got you covered!

An all-in-one web company, because it’s just more efficient that way 

If you want to make website ownership easy on yourself, then you’ll want to work with a web company that can handle it all from designing the site to keeping it secure as online threats evolve. Bruce & Eddy is one of those web companies that can do it all.  

Web Design & Dev

It all starts with solid web design and development that creates the foundation for growth. This is when we create the frontend that connects with clients and the backend that enhances performance.


Once the website is built you want people to find it, right? Search engine optimization strategies can be put in place to boost visibility in search results so your website shows up for targeted search terms that make sense for your business. 


Websites don’t manage themselves, and you can’t let them just run wild on their own in the web. Our support services keep everything running smoothly and securely so you can focus on running your business. 

Social Media

No matter how you feel about social media personally, it’s a must for many businesses that want to extend their reach. But don’t worry, you can stay out of the fray while we make social connections for you.

But wait there’s more!

We have gathered together a team of specialists that can join a project on an as-needed basis to quickly and cost-effectively provide results. Our unique specialties include: